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The Day the Towers Fell

"Does the trumpet sound in the city without the populace becoming alarmed?
Does misfortune come to a city if God has not sent it? "
Amos 3:6-7


In 2001, just after an unthinkable aerial attack by warriors from the Middle East brought the twin 100-story World Trade towers in New York crashing to the ground together with the skyscrapers that stood around them, I posted on this web page an article which began:

"If the Lord does not build the house, in vain the masons toil; If God does not guard the city, in vain the sentry's watch." (Ps.127:1).

Not since the birth of Jesus has such a spectacular fulfillment of ancient visions been seen on earth. Over the last 60 years a sequence of prophecies have unfolded so astonishing they have stunned even the most staid Bible scholars.

1. the re-establishment of an Israeli state which ended almost 2000 years of exile for Jewish citizens;

2. the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem, a sure sign of the end of the world;

3. the holocaust of the Jews in World War II, prolouge to the tribulation of the Godly forecast by Jesus;

4. the flame of the stars falling from the sky in a huge ball of fire onto the earth, and

5. the appearance of the seventh head of the beast (Adolph Hitler) who murdered almost ten million members of the House of Israel, amplifing beyond any past mold, an image of Satan incarnate in man.

And now, the fall of the towers.

Scores of prophecies like these have cascaded out of the Bible into historic reality over the last century. The complete list is prodigious. A great many of them have been chronicled analytically in the books and papers on this web site.

They continue to unfold.

Any one of these events might be argued away, but taken collectively in such density they stand as blaring testimony to the times we find ourselves in today. The world, indeed stands now on the threshold of its end.

The event of September 11th, 2001, gargantuan by any standard, must take its place in this unfolding sequence. Like the Jewish holocaust, its sheer size and scope seems too large for metaphor.

The collapse of the towers of New York , first one, and then the other, was a fulcrum that dramatically and permanently changed western civilization, altering world history forever. That city's fire commissioner called it "the greatest tragedy that has ever hit any city anywhere, any time."

A seminal event and heavily documented in scripture, it fits the time-line predicted for its occurrance too closely to be ignored, for it matches with precision the size and details of the visions which foresaw it.

The attack this September brought far closer the signal all Christians since the beginning of the religion have been waiting with great expectation to see. The day of God's judgment of Babylon.

Exactly nine months into the third day (Ex.19:10)), the handwriting of the Lord etched itself on the walls of the city (Dn.5:5), incarnating scripture in stunning images that left the whole world transfixed by its unfolding message.

Graphically, it brought to sight a far deeper understanding of the mysterious prophecies which proclaimed an end to the millenium of reconciliation, and the beginning of the eastern world's vengeance against Babylon. It was the moment when spiritual words became physical: "I will light a fire inside her towns; it shall devour all her surroundings." (Jer. 50:32). In a single day Babylon will be burned up. The handwriting is now on the wall, and we are that wall, the military force that guards the western world.

"Look at the land of Kittim...they have set up towers." (Is.23:13-14)

On every high mountain and upon every high hill, there will be streams and watercourses, on the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall" (Is.30:25)

"Trust in God forever for the Lord is the everlasting Rock; he has brought low those who lived high up in the steep citadel; he brings it down, brings it down to the ground, flings it down in the dust; the feet of the lowly, the footsteps of the poor trample on it." (Is.28:4-6).

"They will destroy the walls of Tyre, they will demolish her towers; I will sweep away her dust and leave her a naked rock." (Ez.26:3-4).

"Your wealth will be seized, your merchandise looted, your walls razed, your luxurious houses shattered, your stones, your timbers, your very dust, thrown into the sea. I will stop your music and songs...I will reduce you to a naked rock..." (Ez.26:12-14).

"Take up your positions around Babylon...Shout against her on every side! She surrenders, her towers fall, her walls are torn down since this is the vengeance of the Lord..." (Jer.50:15).

"Were Babylon to scale the heavens, or reinforce her towering citadel, destroyers would still fall on her at my command, it is God who speaks." (Jer.51:53)..

"I am queen on my throne, she says to herself, and I am no widow and shall never be in mourning. For that, within a single day, the plagues will fall on her: disease and mourning and famine. She will be burnt right up. The Lord God has condemned her, and he has great power." (Rev.18:7-8).

"There will be mourning and weeping for her by the kings of the earth who have fornicated with her and lived with her in luxury. They see the smoke as she burns, while they keep at a safe distance from fear of her agony. (Rev.18:9).

"They will say: 'Mourn, mourn for this great city, Babylon, so powerful a city, dimmed as you are within a single hour'. (Rev.18:10)

'All the fruits you had set your hearts on have failed you; gone forever, never to return, is your life of magnificence and ease.' (Rev.18:14).

"The traders who had made a fortune out of her will be standing at a safe distance from fear of her agony, mourning and weeping. ·They will be saying: 'Mourn, mourn for this great city; for all the linen and purple and scarlet that you wore, for all your finery of gold and jewels and pearls; your riches are all destroyed within a single hour'. (Rev.18:15-17).

"All the captains and seafaring men, sailors and all those who make a living from the sea will be keeping a safe distance, ·watching the smoke as she burns, and crying out, 'Has there ever been a city as great as this!' (Rev.18:17-18).

"They will throw dust on their heads and say, with tears and groans: 'Mourn, mourn for this great city whose lavish living has made a fortune for every owner of a seagoing ship; ruined within a single hour. (Rev.18:19).

"The Lord God says this: The wide ramparts of Babylon will be razed to the ground, and her high gates will be burnt down. Thus the laboring of the peoples comes to nothing, the toiling of the nations ends in fire." (Jer.51:58).


Much of the excerpt above is taken from a 2001 article (still on this website) that explores many of those predictions and examines their circumstances in detail. As we wrote then, the two towers stand for the two pillars of Babylon: not just their mammoth height, but more importantly, their function as the global economy's two-tiered finance engine.

One of those pillars came down on September 11, 2001 in a stock market crash that nearly wiped out the technology (dot com) boom.  Now, 7 years later, in 2008, again in September, and almost on the very same day, the second financial tower, the real estate boom, has also collapsed, and with its annihilation, both towers appear leveled for a long, long time to come. The intractable credit freeze associated with this second collapse guarantees at least that, and the prophecies of scripture seem to concur.

­ to read the rest of the article quoted above detailing the fall of the first tower and its prophetic implications, see: "The Towers of Babylon".I wrote at the time of the September 11th, 2001, attack that (taken together) the events of that day formed a metaphoric prolouge pointing to scripture's predictions with respect to the momentous "handwriting on the wall", which it seemed to mirror. Those events presaged an astonishing likeness to Daniel's vision regarding Babylon's invasion and destruction by the forces of the East.

More than a symbolic version of a biblical "Pearl Harbor" in terms of Babylon, the events of that day seemed actually to have (in and of themselves) launched the invasion Daniel foresaw, much in the way the slap of a glove across the face of an adversary in the 18th century set in motion the start of an irrevocable duel. But in this case, a duel that leads to the mountains of Megiddo (Rv.16:13).

Each element in that day's events can be seen in the prophetic framework of scripture's descriptions of Babylon's ultimate defeat and capture by the kings of the East.  Key circumstances in this toppling involve Babylon's walls and towers, brought down in a single hour, the smoke of their burning visible to the entire world who watch in stunned grief, mournng and weeping, but impotent to help from their vantage points across the sea.

The city of New York in whose heart the towers stood had risen to a status foemost among all others in the world. It's primacy, its wealth, its opulence and servitude to the gods of finance is such that it has often been compared metaphorically to "Babylon", that name actually ascribed to it many times in modern literature.

Obviously, scripture's designation of that name is spiritual and encompasses the entire commercial world in symbolic terms, but only two cities in Christian times have been accorded that inglorious title: Rome and New York. These two cities stand like twin towers in the secular empire of modern man. Countering that gilded empire is the spiritual kingdom of God, Jerusalem and its City of David, the twin towers of God.

In the events of September 11th, the two towers in New York were attacked one after the other. They did not fall together ­ first one fell, and a little later the other, but both collapsed within the same hour. Both towers carried the same title, the "World Trade Center". In that composition and title, the attack targeted, not just New York or America, but the entire mammon-obsessed commercial world i.e., Babylon, the object of Daniel's vision.

The 9/11 assault on world trade was immediate and devastating. Plummeting in lock-step with the first tower was the stock market. The technology (dot com) boom staggered, and collapsed. A deep recession began to sweep the world. But the second tower did not immediately come down with the first. A global real estate boom, much of it powered by the implementation of shadowy loan instruments, ensued that seemed to more than compensate for the loss of the first tower.

In the time between the fall of the first tower and the second (almost 7 years to the day) recovery seemed possible, but there was no return from mammon to God. The world's flight from God continued unabated. And now, suddenly world trade has again collapsed under the weight of a tower of flaming debris ­ this time, the radioactive waste of vast quantities of worthless mortgage securities that threaten now to collapse the banking system itself. A great global recession looms. Many talk openly of a Great Depression.

Finance markets across the entire globe are in panic over the grave possibilities before them.

During the time between the fall of these two towers, wars have raged continuously, most notably in Afghanistan and Iraq, and there seems no way out. And all the while, fed by the frenzy of the warfare, the East has grown in power.

This is the handwriting on the wall, and it seems to point to New York and Rome as the twin towers of biblical Babylon.

Pagan Rome is widely accepted as the capitol of Babylon (this world) and who can argue America as the wall of its protection ­ the global policeman who guards the world in our time.  With its vaunted financial empire destroyed, its economy teetering, its foreign debt enormous, its military forces stretched to the breaking point and its oil disappearing, that wall is now crumbling.

If 9/11 is the sign, what are the mammoth events, now so close, that constitute the fulfillment of all these prophecies ­ the assassinations, the catastrophe's, the invasion, the king of Persia and all his minions, the 10 nations pouring across the Euphrates in a vast army?  

With metaphoric prolouges unfolding before our eyes day after day on such an enormous scale, how can these not be the times scripture has foretold?  Like clockwork the prophecies of the Bible continue to cascade into real time one after the other, precisely as written.

They will continue to do so until the seal on vision and prophecy has been set (Dan. 9:24), and every prophesy in scripture fulfilled as written.

For a world who laughed at Jesus and mocked Him, there is only catastrophe. The mocking will end and all who did so will be brought before Him on their knees, weeping and mourning. He is King of the world; king of the entire universe and beyond.

Very soon everyone will know this.

Before that day dawns, clothed in its awful supernova-like vestments, turn to the Lord and make your peace with Him and gain eternal life. He is patient and very slow to anger, even at those who caused all these catastrophe's to happen. But the time is near when salvation's offer will no longer be heard.

Night is coming when no one can work.


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