The Unknown Light ­ Fatima Vision

When Mary appeared before the three children at Fatima, she predicted that an "unkown light" in the night sky would "prove" the truth of the three catastrophe's she had shown them. These three prophecies, first delivered on May 13, 1917 outlined world wars, the rise of atheism as a great national force on earth, and the assassination of the Pope.

Lucia's vision came wrapped in very familiar packaging as far as the Catholic church is concerned, but the vision itself, is unlike anything the Vatican has ever had to deal with in the past. It is a dark vision. And from small, almost innocuous beginnings, it has grown into one of the most profound prophecies of all time outside scripture.

When asked about this unknown light Lucia indicated that she thought it was a particular Aurora Borealis that appeared over Europe in 1938. However, Peter has shown that prophets rarely understand the fulfillment of their own visions. The Aurora was a very "known" kind of light. It was not unknown.

A far more fitting candidate for her vision would be the atom bomb exploding over the desert landscape of White Sands New Mexico on a cold night in 1945. Changing the landscape of the world for all time, it lit up the entire Southwestern part of the United States with a brilliant but deadly flash. Truly unknown, the 5 AM light was as bright as high noon. No one on earth had ever seen it before, not even those who detonated it.

It was a light that did not immediately go out. It seemed to hang in the air for a time and then slowly faded down into a very deep purple color before disappearing into the darkness of the horizon.

Such a light seems to more closely associate itself with all the grievous circumstances Fatima's third vision have cataloged. Especially when we consider that those 1945 scientists had the audacity to name the unholy test from which their unknown light emanated, "Trinity"­ a caricature of the Godhead much in the manner of the Dragon, the first beast and the second beast of the Book of Revelation, Chapter 13.

Remember, the number 13 is the key numerology associated with all the Fatima visions. It was also the day a professional Turkish assassin chose to shoot Pope John Paul in Vatican square. Citing Fatima, he purposely selected the day, May 13, 1981, the 64th anniversary of Lucia's vision.

The shooting prompted the Vatican to make Mary''s third prophecy public.

The message of Fatima tells us there really is such a thing as hell (that is the first thing Mary showed the children before revealing the secrets to them) and the only escape from it is to turn from wickedness and embrace Jesus Christ, the perfect hope and certain escape for all the world. Her message also tells us that the time for this conversion is about to run out.


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