The Return of Darkness


In America the classic definition of the spiritual return to darkness has been evolving case by case through successive Supreme Courts since the Madeleine Murray O'Hare decision in 1963.

The atheistic battle that has systematically defeated in science classes the idea of a "Creator" is the latest example. In the past, this war has been waged on the turf of science. But in California recently, in the little rural community of Tejon, it's scope widened to include an area even as broadly metaphysical as philosophy.

The Tejon school district was not only forced to abandon its intent of offering a humanities course pondering the idea of whether or not an "intelligence" was involved in the formation of the creation, but was required to sign a promise not to ever again raise the subject in any kind of class in the future.

Coming from an academic past once so different, it is astonishing to see any scholastic subject or idea forbidden (made "off-limits") for discussion in our educational system, but for those who have listened to the words of Jesus, there should be no surprise. He warned us this would happen. We are witnessing the return of the darkness that He prophesied.

Paul said that the reason why God has sent this power to delude the world and make it believe what is untrue, is "to condemn all who refused to believe in the truth and chose wickedness instead." (2 Thes. 2:11-12). They despise the word of the Holy One of Israel. That is why they promote the darkness and shun the light. For them good is evil and evil is good. That is Christ's definition of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

And, indeed, the "Intelligent Designer" of creation IS the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that anyone who says a word against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either in this life nor in the life to come.

The Holy Spirit has used His resources (Fundamentalist in this case) to force the nation to make a stand once and for all between darkness and light. Over and over, the nation continually chooses darkness. In that choice they have not only assumed full liability for the judgment, but have hastened the day of its appearance.

Jesus said:

"On these grounds is sentence pronounced: that though the light of God has come into the world men have shown they prefer darkness to the light because their deeds are evil. And indeed, everybody who does wrong hates the light and avoids it, for fear his actions should be exposed; but the man who lives by the truth comes out into the light, so that it may be plainly seen that what he does is done in God." (Jn. 3:19-21).

"A child of God listens to the words of God; if you refuse to listen, it is because you are not God's children." (John 8:47).

That is the true intelligence of this world's design.

What we are witnessing in this assault against Christianity is one of the many shadows being cast across the face of the earth as the darkness Jesus warned about begins its return to the world

"The fifth angel emptied his bowl over the throne of the beast and its whole empire was plunged into darkness. Men were biting their tongues for pain, but instead of repenting for what they had done, they cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and sores." (Rev. 16:10)

'Work while you have the light, darkness is coming when no one can work!' (Jn.9:4-5)

"The light will be with you only a little longer now. Walk while you have the light, or the dark will overtake you...while you still have the light, believe in the light and you will become sons of light." (John 12:15-16).

"On these grounds is sentence pronounced: that though the light of God has come into the world men have shown they prefer darkness to the light because their deeds are evil." (Jn. 3:19).

"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness...For this, as stubble is prey for the flames and as straw vanishes in the fire, so their root will rot, their blossom be carried off like dust, for rejecting the Law of God Almighty, and despising the word of the Holy One of Israel." (Is.5:20-24).

"But this is your hour; this is the reign of darkness" Luke 22:53

What is the "throne of the beast"? Is it Palestine or Germany or China or North Korea or Rome or Russia or somewhere in the Middle East? At different times during the reign of Christianity on this earth, each of these nations or blocks of nations have been singled out as the throne of the beast. The very fact that history has been able to move that throne around argues for a broader definition. The throne of the beast seems to include all of what we know as "Babylon".

Jesus called Satan the "Prince of this world" (John 12:31). This world itself is the ruling domain of the devil (John 17:16). That is why Jesus came to call us out of it (Is. 52:11-12). He came to offer the world a cure that was not in the world but in Himself: "I have told you all this so that you may find peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but be brave: I have conquered the world." (John 16:33).

"You must not love this passing world or anything that is in the world. The love of the Father cannot be in any man who loves the world...(because) the world, with all it craves for, is coming to an end: but anyone who does the will of God remains forever." (1 John 2:15-17).

"Who can overcome the world? Only the person who believes that Jesus is the Son of God." (1 John 5:5).

The throne of the beast is this world itself.

The "bowl of the fifth angel" (Rev. 16:10) is being emptied over this entire earth, not just a particular nation or empire. Scripture tells us that at first, a spiritual darkness is to envelop the earth and, finally, at the end, a physical darkness will follow. The skies of the end will be as black as night.

"In my vision, when he broke the sixth seal, there was a violent earthquake and the sun went as black as coarse sackcloth; the moon turned red as blood all over, and the stars of the sky fell onto the earth like figs dropping from a fig tree when a high wind shakes it; the sky disappeared like a scroll rolling up and all the mountains and islands were shaken from their places. " (Rv.6:12-14).

"When I extinguish you I will cover the skies, and darken the stars. I will cover the sun with clouds and the moon will not give its light. I will dim every luminary in heaven for you, and cover your country in darkness." (Ez.32:7-8).

"The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the day of God dawns, that great and terrible day. All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved, for on Mt. Zion there will be some who have escaped, as God has said, and in Jerusalaem some survivors whom the Lord will call." (Joel 3:4-5).

Jesus proved this charcoaled future for the earth when He said that we only have a short time to work and then darkness will return and re-engulf the world in an ignorance that hates God. Because we have entered the last days, we have been able to see that frightening phenomenon begin to happen as we watch.

The mortal wound is healing. Atheism in the cloak of secularism has risen from its deathbed and has begun a more visible phase of the rebellion Paul warned would come at the end (2 Thes.2:6-7). Satan's rebellion will be crushed at the time of the Second Coming of Christ, when it will be overwhelmed by the light of God.

"The Lord will kill the Rebel with the breath of his mouth and will annihilate him with his glorious appearance at his coming." (2 Thes.2:8).


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